We love THE coLAB and the atmosphere that it provides

We love The Colab and the atmosphere it provides. The space keeps our creative juices flowing, and gives us the opportunity to put our noses to the grindstone and retreat into our offices when need be. Not only is the environment creative and fun, but so are the other business partners! After being a licensed

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THE coLAB chose me and I am so happy they did!

Tracy graduated from Wayne State University last May with a degree in public relations and communication studies. She had always taken an interest in social media and design and decided to intern with her last semester of college. She was hired in full time in July and has been working on the Hunch Free

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Being born and raised in Mt Clemens choosing THE coLAB was an easy choice!

I’m Adrian and I am a brand and headshot photographer. Being born and raised in Mt. Clemens choosing THE coLAB was an easy choice. Through the corona pandemic I told myself that as soon as I get a chance I’m going all out on chasing my goals. I then saw a post on Facebook about

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The cheerful people and interesting spaces make coming to work fun, I love it here.

THE coLABorative offers a great environment to work in. I have been able to network and expand some of our operations with contacts I met here. This is invaluable to a small non-profit like us. The cheerful people and interesting spaces make coming to work fun, I love it here. I think it was a

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THE coLAB allowed me to focus on my work and was even a great place for my kids to get their school work done as well.

As a father of 2 kids that had to attend school virtually for a while, working from home was tough. I was barely getting any fresh air, privacy was always an issue, and it felt like the house just wasn’t big enough. THE coLAB allowed me to focus on my work and was even a

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Why I selected THE coLAB? The opportunities to collaborate were abundant; the price was right; and the space had an eclectic vibe!

Since 2012, Helen Hicks has been the President and CEO of Macomb County Habitat for Humanity. Helen comes well-prepared for this challenge. She is an award-winning administrator having secured prestigious recognition such as 2019 Macomb County Hall of Fame Award: Macomb County Foundation, Athena Award Nominee, Macomb County Chamber, May 1, 2015; Leadership Award, L.

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Great community that keeps me productive!

Why the communal membership works for me: When I joined THE coLABorative five years ago, I had just moved into a role working remotely. As a husband and dad of three, we have an active home and I was looking for a place nearby that would allow me to focus on work and not be

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Why the communal membership works for me:

As a wife and mom of 2, the pandemic gave us a lot of time together. All 4 of us were working under one roof. I feel grateful for that time, but as the months went by our family needed to shake things up a bit. Joining THE coLABorative has been helpful to allow me

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Why I chose THE coLABorative

I choose THE coLABorative because I needed more than just an office space! THE coLABorative provides me with a positive environment and networking experience, and plenty of meeting space to host future events and workshops, that my business was searching for. The Energy and Co-working connections that I have access to from Business relationships formed

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Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

The CoLaborative serves as an Entrepreneur Recharging station for me. As I journey throughout the building you can feel the passion embedded throughout the walls. The Entrepreneurs who go against the grain to stand out from others. The inspiration needed to press on with making one’s business successful. I enjoy that feeling which is why

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