We love THE coLAB and the atmosphere that it provides

We love The Colab and the atmosphere it provides. The space keeps our creative juices flowing, and gives us the opportunity to put our noses to the grindstone and retreat into our offices when need be. Not only is the environment creative and fun, but so are the other business partners!

After being a licensed home inspector for 11 years, Jaymie recently left the field to dive into operations and managing the business. She has owned the company since 2013, has been married since 2011, and has 3 little kiddos. Her husband Brandon joined the team to lead the leaders, and has incredible vision for where the home inspection industry is growing.
Elevate Inspection Group has a team of 8 and provides home inspection, sewer scope, radon, water, mold and air quality testing, as well as lead paint evaluations and more. Whether you are purchasing a home or commercial building, selling one, or just want extra knowledge, let us teach you about your property!

We value God, family, business… in that order. And how cool is it, to consider all the small businesses within The Colab to be apart of our family!

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