The reason I chose The coLABorative to call home!



Adverb: with or in proximity to another person or people.

Adjective: self-confident, level headed, or well organized.

Such a simple yet powerful word with many different translations. As we all have faced many diverse obstacles living through this Pandemic the last couple months, we have also had to face “being alone” in the workplace. For some it may be peaceful, others it may be customary but for me it has been challenging. Yes, Zoom meetings are great and phone conferences keep the deals going but getting to shake hands, look into people’s eyes and even the occasional hug for many has been missing!

Togetherness and the feeling of surrounding yourself with individuals and networking opportunities is exactly what The Lab has to offer! Of course Jessie’s smiling face and The Starbucks and/or beer on tap has equal feelings of nostalgia, but it really is the people isn’t it? The individuals you didn’t expect to see until the next coffee connection sitting at the conference table with a client when you walk in, heading to the loft upstairs to get comfy on the couch with a gorgeous view of downtown, or even knowing you get to walk over to Gumbo’s for lunch that day for the best Po Boy without having to hop on a plane to New Orleans!

The Lab is not just a co-working space but a community. A community with co-workers, friends and even family that give one a sense of peace and admiration, and that is exactly why I chose to take my remote career with Resource Office Interiors and expand to being a member of The Lab!

The Lab has it all with a range of options to chose from for your personal needs while working! So, whether it be a communal space, designated desk or even your own office, The Lab is guaranteed to capture the essentials. The essentials to help you and your team be productive and closing business all while being in an environment with tons of fun individuals to keep your day interesting!

So grab your favorite mug and beer glass, some ping pong balls and your laptop… and leave the rest to fall into place!

I hope to see you soon and don’t forget your free design consultation from my team at Resource Office Interiors if you decide to move into an office at The Lab!

Danielle Haase

Senior Account Executive

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