Why I Co-Work: Creative Spaces, Creative Minds

During this time of isolation, I’ve had the luxury of having an office to work out of that is not my bedroom, my kitchen, or my living room. It was already mostly set up by the time we had to shelter in place, and I sincerely LOVE my desk! If I am not out networking and meeting new people, then I normally work from home. This has been the norm for most of my career. Sometimes I have offices to go into, but always in a co-working capacity.  I have rarely had a desk/personal office space to work in outside of my home.  Let me tell you why I LOVE this flexibility and using an open space to work.

First, I feel FREE! The desk in my home office gets cluttered. Papers start to pile up. Things get pushed around, moved, and shifted as I work. It becomes messy fairly quickly. When I get to a shared office space, I find a table that suits me, a location that I like, and even surround myself (or not) with people I enjoy. Having a wide open table/desk gives me a very freeing feeling. I don’t feel closed in and crowded by my messy desk, and it doesn’t distract me. I can THINK! I can BREATHE.

Second, changing my view changes my perspective.  Being in a different space allows my mind to get creative. I can think differently. I can get out of my routine. I can even bounce ideas off of others, if others are around me. I go to a specific area to have a different feel. Do I want to feel cozy in the loft to dig into a specific task that will take awhile? Do I want to stay down in a more public area to interact with others? Do I need a corner area where I can spread out a bunch of paperwork and get organized?  All of these options allow me to get creative, explore further in my thinking, and have a fresh view than when I am stuck in the same room at the same desk, day in and day out.

Third, new friendships and relationships get formed. Even though I network a lot, I have developed strong friendships and business relationships by using local co-working spaces. I love the people I have met because I consistently use the space. I love how you get to know someone over time, even though you would have never met otherwise. Also I enjoy the variety of seeing different people throughout the day as I use the co-working space.

If you are in the Mount Clemens area or are working on the east side, come check out THE coLABorative. They have a variety of places you can work, depending on what interests you. They have a very yummy Starbucks machine for those who want their coffee fix (or hot cocoa). And the people there are friendly, open, and interested in connecting. Hey, you might even run into me!

Angelica Maria Lopez
Investment Advisor Representative
Trivelloni Asset Management

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